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Our swag is fresh ✨

Fruit is an eco-friendly, waste-free alternative to promotional items. We don't use any packaging—anyone can bring the swag home and eat it! Even though it's ephemeral, it's memorable. The novelty of seeing a logo on fruit is guaranteed to be photographed and shared by its recipients on Twitter and Instagram.


Uses for branded produce

Send your VIP clients a pineapple in the mail. Have sponsored bananas at a big event. Send a "Save the Date" to your wedding guests on avocados (or even dates). Write your colleagues a nice note on some mangoes. Keep a stocked bowl of branded fruit in your office lobby or hotel. For promotional giveaways and more, produce is an awesome alternative to traditional swag.


Go bananas

We work with local farms to source our produce. While the variety of produce available is affected by the season—just ask us about any produce and we'll see if it's possible! To name a few options, we can put logos on: avocados, mangoes, pineapples, persimmons, limes, beets, potatoes, eggplants, and more. We've even tested garlic. 


How it works

  • Upload a logo

    Just fill out the request form with your logo and our art department will turn your logo or text into beautiful graphics emblazoned to the fruit of your choice.

  • Order for a specific date

    Once we finalize the order, we'll schedule your fruit into our production queue so that it ships unripe. (You can request that the fruit ships to multiple destinations.)

  • Get your fresh fruit

    The magic of express shipping will ensure that the fruit doesn't get overripe in transit. We ship anywhere in the United States within 1-2 days.

Frequently asked questions

How do you put graphics on fruit?

The graphics are applied to the exterior of the fruit to create the illusion that the fruit has been carved. We don't cut the fruit!

Is the logo edible?

For now, the logo isn't edible, but it's a safe process that doesn't affect the taste of the fruit. We select produce where the logo can be peeled or sliced off. We're developing edible logos soon! Join our mailing list for updates.

Can you print our logo colors?

While the illusion of the fruit being carved is a nice touch, we can totally copy your Pantones! 

When should I place the order?

We typically need 10 days of lead time. If it's a rush order, contact us.

Can you send us branded fruit weekly? Monthly? Daily?

If you'd like a subscription to branded fruit, please contact us at

How much will this cost?

We can send you price sheet of all our produce. Prices and fruit availability can change seasonally. Otherwise, we'll send you a quote based on your order. On average, produce is $5/each.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

At this time, we can do anything from 100 to 5000 pieces of fruit (possibly even more). There's a small graphics set up fee per logo.

What's the most popular fruit ordered?

Everyone loves avocados! 🥑

Do you do fruit baskets?

We do fruit baskets! Or wooden crates. We can suggest an arrangement of bunch of fruit and put your logo on all of them.

Can you ship to multiple locations?

We can! Contact us if you're interested in this option.

Do you ship internationally?

We have plans to set up production and distribution in other countries. Please let us know if you're interested. We can't ship outside of the US at the moment, but can travel.