We print logos, text, and graphics on produce!


How it's done.

The graphics are applied to the exterior of the fruit to create the illusion as though the fruit has been carved. The logo isn't edible; we select produce where the logo can be peeled or sliced off. The process doesn't affect the taste of the fruit.

This is the coolest swag.

This is eco-friendly, as there's no packaging, and no waste; anyone can bring it home and eat it! The novelty of seeing a logo on fruit is guaranteed to be photographed and shared by its recipients on Twitter, Instagram, etc. This swag also tastes great. We work with local farms in California to source our produce. Consider fruits and vegetables for your next event. Send us an order request here.

Uses for a fruit with a logo on it.

Send your VIP clients a pineapple in the mail. Create sponsored bananas with your company's logo on it at a big event. Send a "Save the Date" to your wedding guests on avocados and oranges (or even dates). Write your friends a nice note on some mangos or peaches. For promotional giveaways and more, produce is an awesome alternative to traditional swag.

What produce do you offer?

While variety is affected by the season, and our process has some limitations, just ask us about any produce and we'll see if it's possible! To name a few options, we can put logos on: avocados, coconuts, pineapples, persimmons, limes, nectarines, beets, potatoes, eggplant, and more. We've even tested garlic.


We source our produce from local farms on the West Coast (including California, Oregon, and Hawaii) to find the most delicious fruits and vegetables. Prices are seasonal and dependent on the fruit and complexity of the design. We can ship certain types of produce, but can also travel to put logos on produce for events in your city. The MOQ is variable: we can do anything from 1-1000. Just ask!


We create whimsical products for the modern world. For more information and press inquiries, get in touch with Danielle at contact@djbask.in.

Branded Fruit HQ
San Francisco, CA 94103